Overseas Customers

Currently, Europe and Rest of World packages are shipped at cost as follows:-

  1. When you order you will be charged an estimated maximum charge which will show on your order.  The shipping cost is almost never as much as the deposit charged, but we have to cover the cost of the heaviest likely parcel just in case and we refund the balance.
  2. When your order has been packed it will be weighed and shipping calculated.
  3. If the cost permits we will send your parcel by insured and tracked airmail, which we strongly recommend.
  4. We will refund any amount you have overpaid. Should the parcel be exceptionally heavy and exceed the estimated maximum charge we will contact you to tell you how much extra there is to pay, but until now this has never been necessary.


As soon as possible we will introduce an automatic shipping cost calculator, but until then you will find this works very well. Please do not send credit card details by email.  Use only the site's automatic and extremely secure payment system, where the transaction is done between our banks and at no time is anyone able to access your details.

It is essential that we send you the correct size of garment so that you do not have the hassle of having to return your purchase, so it is particularly important that you use accurate and freshly-taken measurements to ensure the best chance of a correct fit. Please do not pick a size from an existing garment, and if you are a wheelchair user it is essential that you are measured while sitting in your chair.

If you have any queries at all about our products please do not hesitate to email us and we'll be very happy to advise.