How to measure?

If you are ordering garments for wheelchair wear it is very important that the wearer is measured while sitting in the chair - never lying flat.


Please be measured around your waist while sitting. Measure around the natural waistline and do not make allowances. It is better if someone else measures you.

It is important that you are measured before ordering for the first time and do not take a size from other garments, as wheelchair clothes are specially cut to be worn sitting, and in any case, no two manufacturers' patterns are the same.


Generally speaking, wheelchair trousers which are worn sitting all the time require to be approximately 4" longer than trousers which are worn for standing and walking. If someone walks a little when at home it might be better to buy our ambulant trousers at the correct length and have a pair of wheelchair trousers which fit properly when sitting and have longer legs for when you go out in your chair.


Women's garments are sold by hip size, and a diagonal hip measurement should be taken. This means putting the measuring tape just under the hips where the seat meets the cushion and laying it across the front of the lap. This will give a diagonal hip measurement. All skirts are cut for sitting with seat dart shaping to fit properly.

The standard length of a skirt is 35" but longer length can be supplied to order for an additional special measure charge.


All jackets are sold by chest measurement, and an allowance is made for clothing worn underneath.


The measurements for capes and ponchos are much more flexible than with jackets and sizes are approximate, but a S/M is designed to fit a 34/42 chest and a L/XL is designed to fit a 44/50 chest.


The sizes of these relate to the size you wore before you required to buy the larger fittings.


Click on the measuring chart below, print it and place your hand on the chart on a flat surface. This will give you an indication of the size you will require. The woollen glovemitts are one size only.

Hand Measuring chart

The Fingerless Mitts are in four sizes - small child, large child, small adult (usually women's size) large adult (usually men's size)


Although there is an element of attention to chest size when ordering these, especially with long capes, ponchos and snugs, the length must also be considered. A S/M will fit up to about 5'5", and the longer length for taller people. It should not be necessary to have a special measure to a longer length unless the wearer is over 6'2" tall.

The age groups for child garments relate to the average size for the ages given.