Drop Front Wheelchair Trousers

In response to requests from customers for a product that would allow free access for men who need trousers that can be managed with only one hand - mostly people who had had a stroke - we designed the original drop-front trousers, and we have been staggered by the popularity of them. 

Not only does the design make access with a bottle very simple, but it also gives easy access to manage catheters.  

We have now taken the design one step further by designing into them a new feature which makes them all open out flat up to below hip level, which means that it makes much less exertion and effort for the carer when dressing someone who is lying flat.

The new design also offers a smoother, flatter front waistband without the multiple layers of fabric and hook and loop fastenings at centre front, and it has even more adjustability than before, as the inner waistband is a soft, stretchy hook and loops.  This means that everyone, especially people with stomas, can adjust the tightness of the waistband to the most comfortable fit before fastening up the drop front.

Available now in three fabrics and a wide range of sizes.  Rapidly becoming our best-selling product.

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