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Customers are sometimes confused by the variety of styles and functions of our garments, so here is a short guide to what might help you decide which is most suitable for you or the person for whom you are buying:


Elasticated waist trousers are also cut to be worn sitting, but have no waistband fastenings and are simply pulled up.

Drop front trousers have an elasticated waist, but the outer front, which is fastened up with Velcro, drops down to permit access for people who have catheters or use urine bottles. This offers a high degree of independence in personal care for people who have relatively poor strength in their hands, or people who have had a stroke and need trousers that can be managed with one hand.

The styling of the drop front trousers means that they have the facility to open out to just below the hips. This can make dressing easier for many people, but the main benefit is that it makes lie-flat dressing much easier and less strenuous for the carer and a more comfortable process for the wearer.

AMBULANT TROUSERS (for people that can stand and walk)

Elasticated waist trousers are a simple, pull-on style with no fly opening. They have belt loops, which are often used to hook a finger through to help pull them up, simple pockets set into the side seams, and can be worn with one of the Myself Belts for added security if desired.

Easy access trousers also have a fully elasticated waist but they have a fly opening which has no zip or fastenings. It doesn't gape because of the way it is designed and is increasingly bought for men who have dementia but are accustomed to using a fly opening and can't manage fastenings.


Our back opening jackets all look like ordinary jackets, but in addition to the front fastenings they also open at the back, enabling them to be put on from the front, or even to be separated into two pieces and put on and then fastened up.

This can be very helpful for children or adults with rigid arms who find it difficult to put on a jacket.


Pull-on Cosytoes Snug offers all round warmth and weather protection for the legs and feet of anyone sitting in a wheelchair, even in the worst weather. It simply pulls up over the feet and tucks in.

Side-fastening Cosytoes Snug also offers all round weather protection, but is left open under the feet, which is ideal if the wearer has footstraps. It is also useful when the wearer's legs cannot be lifted into the pull-on style.

Other wheelchair waterproofs We have a wide range of warmlined and unlined waterproof garments for wheelchair users, and these are described on each page beside photographs of the garments.

Scooter Poncho offers a stylish waterproof which drops down when seated to protect the legs and feet but when the wearer stands up to step off the scooter it becomes an ordinary poncho which is stylish to wear. It is also suitable for wheelchair users who can stand up to put it on and sit down in it.


We can offer an alteration service to cut out the back of any jacket, cape or poncho to make it more convenient for someone with a moulded chair. This mean that the garment can be tucked in between the wearer and the moulded chair without the need to try to force extra fabric down between the wearer and the seat.

This is especially helpful when a harness is worn. Garments which are modified in this way are not returnable.

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