Cerebral Palsy (CP)

We have customers of all ages with Cerebral Palsy, and if they are wheelchair users then the cut of our trousers and other garments is ideal for them, as they need the comfort of having trousers that don't droop at the back waist, have longer legs, and if they wear incon pads the roomy seat is very accommodating. However, if they are independent in personal care the drop front version of the trousers is ideal for easy access.

Anyone with poor manual dexterity will appreciate capes with easy stud fastenings, and ponchos which simply pull on over the head. Sometimes people with poor muscle control can dribble a little, but we have a super neckerchief which looks like a scarf, which is designed to lie in small folds to catch the dribble and wick them away in to the absorbent cotton, while the fine fleece backing keeps the damp cotton off clothing.
A large proportion of our child customers have CP, and we have a good range of warm and waterproof outdoor clothing for wear when in their wheelchairs. We know that it is a huge problem for parents when their children make the progression from pram or buggy to wheelchair, as while a child in a buggy has a hood and cover, in general child wheelchair manufacturers don't seem to realise how exposed the children are. For this reason we have several warmlined, waterproof garments - including a side-fastening cosy toes/snug that keeps the legs and feet warm and dry without interfering with foot straps. An all-over cover is so difficult as there are so many styles of child wheelchairs, but we encourage parents to consider customizing a coverall to accommodate head rests, handles etc. 
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