Fire Retardant Smoker's Aprons

The Able2 Wear Fire Retardant Smoker’s Apron doesn’t simply protect the clothing from dropped cigarettes, it is cleverly designed to catch dropped lights and cigarettes and stop them from rolling off onto seating or dropping down onto the floor or into footwear. It also has a thoughtfully-designed pocket to hold smoking materials safely.

We use a top quality Proban treated cotton fabric which meets stringent EU Fire Retardancy standards. This is the same fire retardant fabric used for items of clothing worn on the North Sea oil rigs. The term Fire Retardant means that the fabric will not catch light when in contact with a dropped light, thus protecting clothing and seating from damage.

The unique design has an adjustable wired upstand which catches dropped cigarettes within arm’s reach so that they can be picked up quickly and safely. After unpacking, and from time to time during use, the wire should be gently manipulated to ensure that the upstand retains its shape.

Although the apron may be washed, to prolong the life of the product it should be worn for smoking only, and should not be used as an apron at mealtimes.

General Information & Product Care

This apron is made from a quality Fire Retardant Proban treated cotton fabric tested to EU standard ISO11611 2015 and EN ISO11612 2015. The fabric will not flare or melt and will protect clothing from dropped lights. In the event of a lit cigarette or match being dropped the wearer should not permit it to lie on the apron for longer than a few seconds, which is adequate time to pick it up without causing damage.

The unique design has an adjustable wired upstand which catches dropped cigarettes within arm’s reach so that they can be picked up before damage is caused. Permitting a lit match or cigarette to lie on the apron for a prolonged
length of time will damage the apron, as will the deliberate pressing of a lit cigarette against the fabric to test it.

Wash item on its own and take care when bending the wire to re-form upstand. Use a reputable clothing detergent and hang to drip dry. It may then be ironed.

The fabric is a high-quality fire-retardant material and performs exceptionally well under normal use. Under no circumstances will the manufacturer or the supplier be responsible for damage caused, either deliberately or by misuse.

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