How to measure

If you are ordering garments for wheelchair wear it is important that the wearer is measured while sitting in the chair - never lying flat.

It is essential that we send you the correct size of garment so that you do not have the hassle of having to return your purchase, so it is particularly important that you use accurate and freshly-taken measurements to ensure the best chance of a correct fit. Please do not pick a size from an existing garment, and if you are a wheelchair user it is essential that you are measured while sitting in your chair.


For wheelchair trousers  and shorts please be measured around your waist while sitting. Measure around the natural waistline and do not make allowances. It is better if someone else measures you.

It is important that you are measured before ordering for the first time and do not take a size from other garments, as wheelchair clothes are specially cut to be worn sitting, and in any case, no two manufacturers' patterns are the same.

Waist sizes: Small: 31-34", Medium: 35-38", Large: 39-42", X-Large: 43-46", XX-Large: 47-50", XXX-Large: 51-54"


Generally speaking, wheelchair trousers which are worn sitting all the time require to be approximately 2-3" longer than trousers which are worn for standing and walking. If someone walks a little when at home it might be better to buy our easy to manage elasticated waist trousers at the correct length and have a pair of wheelchair trousers which fit properly when sitting and have longer legs for when you go out in your chair. Leg lengths are based on inside leg measurements.


All jackets are sold by chest measurement, and an allowance is made for clothing worn underneath.


The measurements for capes and ponchos are much more flexible than with jackets and sizes are approximate, but a S/M is designed to fit a 34-42 chest and a L/XL is designed to fit a 44-50 chest.


Although there is an element of attention to chest size when ordering these, especially with full length capes, ponchos and snugs, the length must also be considered. A S/M will fit up to about 5'5", and the longer length for taller people.


Please see the guildelines within the products. All measurements are based on UK sizes.

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