Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Adaptive Clothing for People with MS

Multiple Sclerosis (or MS) is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. In MS, the coating that protects the nerves (myelin) is damaged and this causes a range of symptoms such as blurred vision and problems with how people move, think and feel.

Myelin protects the nerve fibres in the central nervous system which helps messages to travel quickly and smoothly between the brain and the rest of the body. In people who have MS, the immune system – which normally helps to fight off infections – mistakes myelin for a foreign body and tries to attack it. This causes damage to the myelin and strips it off the nerve fibres leaving scars such as lesions or plaques. The damage disrupts messages travelling along the nerve fibres meaning the messages slow down, become distorted, or don’t get through at all. As well as damaging the myelin, MS can also damage the nerve fibres too. This nerve fibre damage causes the increase in disability which can occur over time.

There are currently more than 100,000 people in the UK who have MS and it affects almost three times as many women as men.

As MS affects the messages that travel through the body’s central nervous system, it can cause mobility issues, poor balance and a lack of manual dexterity. In some cases people with MS need the use of a wheelchair. At Able2 Wear, we have developed a range of adaptive clothing that is easy to put on and take off, made from high quality, comfortable materials, and with innovative fastenings that are easy to use. Our range includes clothes specially designed for wheelchair users (including trousers, fleeces, and waterproofs) and adaptive clothing for non-wheelchair users. All have been carefully designed and made with our customers’ needs in mind. We also have a collection of accessories such as easy fastening leather belts, large handled ceramic mugs, long handled hairbrushes, and clip on ties.

You can see our full range of wheelchair clothing here

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