Spinal Injury (SCI)

When we started designing clothes for wheelchair users over twenty five years ago it was solely with the needs of people with an SCI in mind. The most essential garment was trousers, and they had to be not just comfortable to wear, but safe to wear, with flat back seams, no lumpy pockets, higher at the back and slightly lower at the front and with a shaped seat which meant that they stay on the waist without drooping at the back. Pockets that retain the contents, legs wide enough to access a drain bag but not unfashionable, plenty of belt loops for pulling them on - or getting a help with a transfer - longer legs and safe, comfortable fabrics - and fastenings that someone with poor manual dexterity can manage. But the garments had to look like the kind of clothes the wearers would have if they did not use a wheelchair.

So we produced denims, cargo pants, chinos, smart tailored trousers and stretch cords and have gradually extended the range to offer warmlined waterproofs for comfortable outings in the worst weather - and many more useful products. 

We know that a spinal injury is a sudden and often life-changing event, and we don't push our garments, but when someone is ready to go back to work, go off on holiday, get married, attend a match in pouring rain with their friends or just get into denims again, we're here with clothes that don't look any different from what was worn before, but fit properly.  

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