Non-warm lined Waterproofs

Non-warm lined wheelchair waterproofs

Our non-warm lined waterproofs are ideal if you want to pop out while its raining or can be kept folded away and can be whipped out if a shower breaks while you're out and about as they are 100% waterproof.

Non-lined waterproofs include our full length waterproof cover, capes and ponchos for both wheelchair users as well as waterproof capes for scooter users. 

Our waterproof capes are easily put onto the wheelchair user, and come with a back cape which goes over the back of the wheelchair, preventing rain water to collect between the wheelchair users back and the wheelchair. 

The scooter waterproof cape has been designed to be worn over warm clothing and covers the scooter users legs and feet. It is smart enough for the user to get off their scooter and keep the cape on. The wheelchair waterproof poncho is available in yellow, purple and navy and can be worn with the snug and folded down to carry. 

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